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We regard you immensely as you visit our website, we are the premium manufacturer and supplier of top quality water and waste treatment machinery and offering versatile solutions for such a purpose. We offer a range of solutions and ideal equipments for such purpose, such as water and waste treatment machinery, for checking contamination level in water, to design and manufacture waste water treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, effluent treatment plant drinking water softener plant, a range of filtration solutions, install heavy duty ROplant for industrial use, installing softener plant and so forth. Likewise, we have also garnered the image of being an ideal and reliable supplier for a range of water treatment plant devices and components and we can make available an array of such components from any part of the world and of any make but at reasonable prices.

Since the year 1997, we have been relentless in our efforts and we have managed to seek an NSIC, MSME, ISO 9001:2008 certification owing to our regarded services. For ease of access and for service, we have set up our corporate office at New Delhi while our manufacturing plant is located at Ghaziabad, UP.

We have sought the benign association from immensely qualified and experienced team of engineering experts who simply love to innovate with newer designs and technologies. While for ensuring complete client satisfaction, we have set up special customer care department which is being critically monitored by senior management and any defected part or any misconception is being duly handled in the most professional and friendly manner. Clients and business who place their trust in us, are our real assets and we are always willing to go extra mile in catering to such aspirations.

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Unmatched Quality

Sans doubt, but quality is the real essence behind every economic activity and behind every efforts and at Unistar Aquatech, we fully realize that and for such a purpose, every single item that we produce, has to go through a quality check. This is also necessary by keeping the upcoming industry needs in mind and we ensure perpetual sophistication in our product range, through delicate prowess. It is a matter of pride for us, that businesses attach an immense appreciation to our products in terms of quality, durability and performance. Finally, devoted R&D section is set up at our Unistar Aquatech which takes care of what is taking place in the field of innovation and in ensuring swift adherence to lofty quality and performance standards.


Devoted And Versatile Workforce

We have gained the support and devotion of some select brains of the industry, who simply feel elated to be a part of us and vice versa. In a range of professional arena, we have secured the best of the talent, be it designing, manufacturing, prototyping, sales, installation and so forth, perfection is simply etched into every aspect of our occupational accomplishment. Our working staff is specifically being trained to deliver the products within the stipulated time frame and occasionally, some of the team members are also sent to orientation camps and for upgrading their skills or simply to enhance their professional worth and in the end, they are retained through rich perks, appealing salary hikes and other incentives.